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PVD Tobacco Heating Products

PVD Tobacco Heating Products

● Product Introduction VERDE produce and outputs smoke free products to countries around the world. We now have the product GCCH-II, which is a tobacco heating system. We also supply PVD tobacco heating product. We output our product to our customers from many countries such as US, Russia and...

Product Details

Product Introduction

VERDE produce and outputs smoke free products to countries around the world. We now have the product GCCH-II, which is a tobacco heating system. We also supply PVD tobacco heating product. We output our product to our customers from many countries such as US, Russia and Korea. We are confident to manufacture the best products to you and we have a group of professional personnel at your services.


●Product Parameter

GCCH-II Product Parameter

Product Configuration

Double Rods + Charging Base

Battery Type

High Rate Lithium Battery

Rod Battery Capacity


Charger Battery Capacity



micro USB

Charge Mode

Fast Charging

Heating Slice Material

MCH Ceramic Heating Plate

Smoking Time


Preheating Time


Heating Temperature



Product Feature and Application

〉The new generation of GCCH tobacco heating e-cigarettes

〉Compact designed and light to carry

〉Simple operation

〉Own the patent applications of MCH ceramic heating tablets

〉650mAh lithium battery

〉Use micro USB, enable fast charge

〉Heating up to 280℃-310℃, less nicotine, no tar

〉Healthier and more environmentally friendly than traditional tobaccos

〉Heating time<10s, allows 150s smoking


Production Details

〉 GCCH-II have Ultra-long standby time: static loss of standby is less than 50&mu;A; The battery is more power saving and durable. The charging base is equipped with high-rate batteries with charging current reach up to 2A and is able to supply charging for double tobacco rods for up to 30 times continuously. Tobacco rods can be fully charged within 2 min; each full charging can supply for 2 cigarettes.

〉If the product is kept at a high temperature for a long time, the degradation of the lithium ion battery occurs. Do not place the product in the car or at the high temperature or near the heater.

〉The power will be shut down automatically after working consecutively for 150s in the smoking mode, and the blue indicator will also be off.

〉The distinct reduction of the vaporization indicates the insufficient cigarette. Power off and add a new one for restarting.


Product Qualification

See pictures


Deliver, Shipping and Serving

〉Speedy Delivery

〉Provide after-sell warranty

〉24hrs customer service



〉Q: Can I clean the device by water?

〉A: No, only the cap of the device can be cleaned by water. Please use the cleaning set we provided to clean the device.


〉Q: Can I get it repaired once I break it?

〉A: Of course we can repair it for you if it is not an irreparable problem. However, once the heating plate broke because of incorrect operation, it cannot be repaired.


Latest News

〉Verde Electronic Technologies Ltd. was established in 2017. Verde holds patents of the core technologies for integrated E-cig inhaler and atomizer.

〉VERDE has a high standard of quality management system and modern office environment, supported by advanced electronic technology and equipment to ensure product quality in line with international standards.

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