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Electronic Smoke Safety Guide

- Dec 06, 2017 -

The battery is the biggest problem with electronic smoke, most of which is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which is also a source of fire hazard. When you inhale electronic smoke, the battery supplies the heating element and converts the chemical solution in the flue into vapor. For other more manual electronic cigarettes, you must press the switch when you smoke. Either way, lithium-ion batteries are involved.

The typical mode of lithium-ion battery failure is that the electrolyte is heated to the boiling point, and the internal pressure of the battery rises to a point where the sealing plate on the top of the battery bursts, and the pressure suddenly releases out of the sealed end of the battery.

However, the cylindrical design of the electronic smoke and the weak structure of the top of the electronic smoke make the fire more risky.

When the battery sealing board (at the top of the battery) bursts, the pressure inside the electronic smoke cylinder is suddenly released, usually from the top. Thus causes the battery or the electronic smoke cylinder or both to cross the room like a bullet or a small rocket. In contrast to electronic smoke, cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are used in laptops and portable products, which are packed in rigid plastic, making them strong enough to prevent the battery from going off like a "rocket" after a failure. The fire was indeed the result of a battery malfunction, but most of the fire was initially confined to the equipment that had been installed in the batteries.

In general, when lithium-ion batteries are overheated, shorted, and overcharge by external sources of heat, such as direct sunlight, they can be problematic. Usually, the battery has a safety device to prevent short circuit and overcharge. However, electronic smoke usually has a USB interface that seems to be compatible with any USB cable and charger. People think that any charger can, including recognized and not recognized manufacturers, third parties, as long as it can use, but the fact is not so.

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