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Electronic Smoke Is Expected To Be A Good Tool For Improving Smokers ' Health

- Dec 06, 2017 -

The harm of smoking to the human body is not to be underestimated, whether it is smokers, or people who accept secondhand smoke. It is reported that electronic smoke is expected to be a good tool to improve the health of smokers!

As an emerging product, the development of electronic smoke is very rapid, and some progress has been made in improving the health of smokers.

Since the introduction of the Western countries around 2006-2007, electronic cigarettes have been accepted by more and more consumers. About 2.6 million adults in the UK are using electronic cigarettes, almost all smokers or people who have smoked, and hope to reduce their nicotine intake, according to a report published last May by the British Association for Smoking and Health action.

It is understood that the harm of electronic smoke is only 5% of normal tobacco, for the temporary failure to quit smoking friends, so as to control the amount of smoking is indeed to improve health preferences.

Not long ago, CNBC (NBC financial channel) said the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) suggested that smokers who wanted to quit smoking should be encouraged to switch to electronic smoke. Nicotine without acceptable, published in April 2016, said it should be "as wide as possible" to promote electronic smoke for smokers as an alternative to tobacco, which in the long term could bring "enormous health benefits" to society. ”

Compared with the foreign environment, China's current smoking cessation and tobacco control market development in a blank state, resulting in a total of 90% smokers who try to quit smoking 90% of the failure rate. The British Royal College of Physicians said in the report that the most effective way to quit smoking is through nicotine replacement therapy, such as chewing gum, tablets and patches, plus the help of health experts. But compared with this treatment, e-cigarettes are more popular among smokers seeking to quit smoking. For electronic smoke, the report says there is no evidence that such a tool could trigger a "reorganization" of smoking, adding that electronic smoke is not "the gateway to smoking." ”

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