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1ml cigarette oil is equivalent to how much cigarettes

- Dec 06, 2017 -

1ML smoke oil equivalent to how many cigarettes 1.1x20 root = 22 mg average person day consumption of oil is about $number ml, if two ML a day recommended 11 mg. According to the above statement, you can elect, how many ml do you smoke?

Now domestic cigarette smoke nicotine amount is the smoke nicotine content is 1.1mg per branch, if the oil concentration is 6mg/ml, then a milliliter of tobacco oil is approximately equal to 5 cigarettes nicotine content. If the concentration of tobacco oil is 3mg/ml, then a milliliter of smoke is about the equivalent of three cigarettes.

The vast majority of people use the electronic smoke and tobacco oil consumption around 3-5ml per day, according to the concentration of 6mg, even if the daily equivalent of 16-27 cigarettes nicotine content. And many big smoke players consume more smoke every day, according to the average daily 15ml,3mg concentration, equivalent to 41 cigarettes nicotine content.

For a normal person, if inhaled so many cigarettes a day, the body will be very uncomfortable, the health caused a lot of damage, because besides nicotine, cigarettes also contain tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances. But for electronic smoke, the oil contains only nicotine, no tar and other substances in the cigarette, so the conversion has no practical meaning.

But not because of this abuse of electronic smoke, after all, nicotine inhalation overdose can also cause poisoning, therefore, please let us have moderation, once in the use of electronic smoke in the process of "dizziness", "chest tightness", "nausea" and other reactions, on behalf of the excessive nicotine intake, then to stop the use of electronic smoke, ventilation, breathing fresh air And drink plenty of water. If the symptom is more serious, need to seek medical attention promptly.

In addition, must properly keep the smoke and oil, because the whole bottle of tobacco contains a lot of nicotine, to 30ml, 6mg concentration as an example, a bottle of tobacco oil contains 180mg nicotine. If ingested by infants or pets, it can cause very serious consequences. And the smell of smoke and oil is very sweet, similar to the taste of beverages and pastries, if not placed, it is easy to be mistaken.

Electronic smoke is a kind of brand-new product which has the essential difference with the cigarette, it has changed from the pure "for the Smoke product"--the electronic smoke becomes the fashionable, the health a unique new domain--vape.

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